Carp Fishing and Coarse Fishing News

Hi all as you may know the fish are Spawning or have been on the syndicate lake, and is now shut for the six weeks.

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Watch the Catching Memories video by Yateley Angling Centre here

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Hi all,

         I hope we are all enjoying the mild spell lol, well we had to get this weather some time. This is just a quick note to all syndicate ticket holders, to remind you all that the cut off date to renew your ticket is the 14th Feb, we do have a fair waiting list now and the dead line must be met on time or tickets will be all passed to next on the list.

Only a matter of weeks now the days are already drawing out, Im well and truly ready for the spring bring it on.



'Oi you lot, what a mega night Halloween was.

     I only fell over twice..'


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"I fished with Ben & Co... last week, I was in the weedy corner and I would like to say that Brooke Lake is dreamy; a clear crown jewel..."