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Sheepcotes Syndicate Lake, Chelmsford, Essex.

Sheepcotes Syndicate lake is a beautiful 25 year old ex-quarry pit set in stunning Essex farmland. This pretty little 2 acre lake boasts delightful maturing tree and reed lined margins along with with a great range of depths from 3ft to 12ft to suit carp fishing all year round, as well as carp to potentially in excess of 40lb. We have limited the number of swims to ensure that the intimate feel of the venue remains. Sheepcotes offer the angler a full range of angling situations, very rare on a small intimate water, you will find small shallow weedy bays, great reedy stalking corners and of course comfortable swims fishing good depths for the night.

We acquired the lake some time ago and have chosen to allow the lake to develop and mature with the unknown original stock as well as the relatively small stocking program we have undertaken. Although the original stock is mainly unknown we did, somewhat unsuccessfully net the venue in late 2009. Despite retrieving a damaged net with holes that the fish clearly escaped from we did manage 1 stunning 30lb+ carp. We have also stocked the venue last year with 15 stunning carp from 18lb – 25lb that should be growing on very strong now. We now estimate there to be 3 fish around the 40lb mark and several back up 30’s growing at a very strong rate.

We operate a 20 man syndicate on the venue behind locked gates and a secure car park. The number of angler on at one time will be limited to ensure anglers the opportunity of another swim should they wish to move. Regular members meetings will be held to discuss any possible improvement to the venue and to take onboard members comments.