This November has been a good month on the syndicate lake with some very nice fish getting caught.

Tony Moulder caught the stunning Leather at 35 plus, and then later on Litter Bug Dan caught the Mint at 36lb. a lower weight than I had expected for this fish but at 36lb it's still a very good weight.

Other fish were caught that included another 30lb common to Met Rob, as well as a few more twenties here and there and a couple of losses.


I was away fishing in Thailand for two weeks in October at Stuart Gilham's resort so my own carp fishing had been very little.

I will say though if you ever want to go and fish in Thailand you must go to Gillham's resort, it is an amazing place, both beautiful and excellent fishing; I had a fantastic time. I caught some incredible fish my highlight was a 400lb Arapaima that took over one and a half hours to land. I also caught a Rip Saw cat fish that I was very pleased with, other fish caught were Siamese carp to 70lb and Mekong cats to 150lb and Red Tails to 75lb. it really us an amazing place a trip of a life time.

So as I said my own carp fishing has been non existent for around six weeks, until the week starting 19th Nov when I got my rods out on the Syndicate lake.

The weather was bonkers from non-stop rain to massive winds, a few of the lads were making the effort and doing the nights after work. I was fishing in the Rails swim and on the second morning I managed a small mirror of around 12lb not a fish I had seen before, it looked just like the older originals so it was either a young grow through or an old one that just hasn't grown, it certainly did not look as though it had been hooked before. Anyway, I was happy to have at least caught a fish.

On the Thursday morning I was going to start to pack up my gear when at about 10am I received a take, "that will do" I thought, a nice way to finish off. As played the fish half way in it hit the surface and I was able to see it was a common, it looked a good size, Trev who was next door came to assist with the netting and I soon had a very looking common in the net.

I took a look at it in the net and then realised that this was a very big fish and I had my suspicions that I knew which fish it was. We got all the weighing kit ready and when I lifted her to the mat I knew it would only be one fish and that was Tango. Tango is a once a year fish and a good candidate to be a 40lb carp especially at this time of year.

The scales were set up on the tripod and the settled at 40lb 4oz - what a result! I had always wanted to catch a forty pounder from my own water and I had finally done it. What a fish to catch - I'm made up.

So Christmas has come early for me, I'm hoping the weather will be kind this winter and if it does I am sure the both lakes will carry on fishing.

Letters have now all gone out for next season, everything is the same apart from Brooke lake will turn syndicate as from March 14th 2013. We are looking at having between 35-40 members on Brooke, it seemed the best way forward with the lake the fish are coming on so well on there, we will also be enforcing a close season the same as Cartha when the fish start to spawn, this will give them their time uninterrupted protect the welfare of the fish.

We are really getting a lot of interest regarding Brooke lake if you have received a letter please respond as quickly as possible so we know how many spaces have gone.

Well, I hope lots more fish are caught before New Year, please let us know or send in your pics for the website. I hope to see you all on the bank have a great Christmas.




"I bought your DVD at the Norwich show on Saturday. Just a quick message to say how much I enjoyed it which makes a change because usually they are pretty ordinary. Well worth the tenner mate! -  Paul"